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contact. [February, 1st 2018 at 11:04p]
›› Third person storybook only.
›› Threading (preferred), GDocs, or Email.
›› Quality over quantity. No one-liners, please.
›› Het (preferred), Slash, or Platonic.
›› Will play things out or ftb.
›› Yes to → Age differences, apocalypse, arranged marriages, asylums, boarding schools, cults, exes, fairytales (reinvented or traditional), forbidden romance, ghosts or hauntings, horror, incest, insanity, love/hate, murder, obsession, other time periods, power struggles, science fiction, step-siblings, Stockholm syndrome, super powers, supernatural, vampires, zombies.
›› No to → Bathroom play, PWP, run of the mill lines.
›› Fandoms → American Horror Story, Crimson Peak, Firefly, Interview with a Vampire, Reboot!Star Trek, Teen Wolf, The Lost Boys.


storylines [January, 18th 2018 at 9:35p]
Unless otherwise specified, I'm looking for someone to play the male in the following lines. I'm open to changing elements or adding to any of these ideas.

1. HOLY WATER CANNOT HELP YOU NOW → They'd been born into an upper middle class family with parents who adored them, even if they didn't quite get along with each other. One mental break and several deaths later, however, the two young children ended up in a dilapidated home unused for years. Though only a toddler and a young child, they managed to survive and were just as shocked as their 'rescuers' were (albeit far more frightened and angry) when they were discovered. Now back in civilization with an aunt and uncle he can barely remember and she's sure she's never met, they have much to overcome. The trouble is that they didn't survive on their own and as darker and darker events occur, it becomes apparent that their helper isn't satisfied with being left behind. (Based on the movie Mama. I'd vastly prefer a brother and a sister but will play this with brothers. This line can be played out platonically or otherwise.)

2. THE STAIRS CREAK AS YOU SLEEP → The house is enormous. It's old but has been taken care of in the last few centuries since it was built. It's beautiful. It's in the middle of nowhere. And it's all theirs. When she inherits the home from a great grandaunt they'd only met once in their lives both are a little surprised, and even more surprised when the paperwork seemed to be valid. It seems too good to be true. And it is. Things start slowly enough. Footsteps in the middle of the night, clothing found in rooms they hadn't yet explored, dreams that he wakes up from in the middle of the night with no memory beyond a distinct feeling of fear. But for all they should be packing their things and leaving they feel a draw to stay. At least, until she wakes up with blood on her hands…

3. LOVING HIM WAS RED → They were the high school's star couple, on the fast track to what everyone deemed a perfect life. That is, until he decided to take back his promise ring with the heartfelt explanation that he wanted more from life. Just one month shy of their graduation she tearfully understood and off they went in their separation directions. At least, he did. Years passing hasn't done anything to quell that love she's sure they both still share and well, adoration and obsession are separated by such a fine line aren't they? And adoration can sometimes look like stalking, can't it? And gosh, it was so nice of Daddy to give her the vacation home for her last birthday.

4. YOUR HOPE DANGLING BY A STRING → If the world was ending she wouldn't have given him a second thought. He might've responded with something equally as dismissive and angry but the world is definitely on its way to ending, or at least it's gone to shit, and after one random, frenzied run in here they are, an apparent survival team of sorts. Both seem to infuriate the other and yet neither seem willing to give the other up. They'll go their separate ways after they make it to this safe haven they've heard about. It's just that there's safety in numbers...

5. ALL THE GOLD AND THE GUNS → Strange powers have been popping up all over the country and while the government scrambles for a solution, there are those setting up organizations to use these newly powered individuals for good, and those organizing to do exactly the opposite. And then there are those few individuals that don't really care about organizing at all. They've got something they can use and by god, they'll use it. Enter him and her, the last people in the world that should have been 'gifted' with such a useful adaptation. She's not the brightest tool in the shed and he's far too flashy for his own good, but they're sure they'll make it out of this thing without a consequence. It's not like spree killers have bad endings, right? (I'm open to slash on this. I'm also open to nixing the powers and setting a spree killing/robbery line at some point in the past.)

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